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Wings of Time

by Amerigo Gazaway & DJ DN³

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[Verse 1: Amerigo Gazaway] I wish I had an airship so I could take flight  Wish I could travel back in time, if I could I’d make everything right  Used to stay up playing games almost every night  Skies the limit yeah we can go wherever we like A lot of loose ends that still gotta address Tryna figure out how exactly I got in this mess It all started with a girl I was trying to impress  To be honest, I thought it was just a side quest  But when our eyes met, I knew it was something more  ‘Bout to explore places that I’ve never gone before From Croatia to the Bay, all the way back to the ‘Ville From NYC all the down to Brazil  If I had an airship then I’d come scoop you up  First class plus you know I got the system souped-up We can watch the sunrise from a tropical island   We can go anywhere, just go talk to the pilot  We can transcend time and travel to new places Im leavin’, so pack up your bags and your suitcases  Come and take a ride with me in my new spaceship  Better buckle up and tie up your shoelaces ‘cause [Hook: Amerigo Gazaway] There’s so much out there to explore And we can go places that we’ve never gone before  There’s no way to know just what’s in store And I hope you find what is is look for  [Verse 2: Amerigo Gazaway] I wish I had a submarine so I could go to the depths of the ocean  You know me and DN³ ‘bout to set things in motion   Life is full of ups and downs just like a rollercoaster Sold out shows on our way to Nova Scotia Sittin’ backstage with my feet up on the sofa Walkin’ down the street see my name up on the poster  Adriatic coasting, ‘bout to take a dip  It’s legit, hit me up if wanna take a trip  We can go scuba diving on tropical islands  And explore lost ships that were sunken by pirates   We can travel cross seas in search of old relics Who knows, what the universe holds there’s no tellin’ We can go to new planets, and other dimensions And discover strange worlds beyond our comprehension  In the ’77 Benz, that yellow submarine  Ain’t no limits it can take anywhere you wanna be ‘cause [Hook: Amerigo Gazaway] There’s so much out there to explore And we can go places that we’ve never gone before  There’s no way to know just what’s in store And I hope you find what is is look for  [Outro: Amerigo Gazaway] There’s so much out there to explore (8x)


Introducing 'Radical Dreamers' by emcee Amerigo Gazaway and producer DJ DN³ – an album that ignites the flame of radical pursuit and encapsulates the essence of chasing one's dreams fearlessly.

With a title inspired by the treasure seeking-bandits from the game 'Chrono Cross', this album seamlessly weaves together melodic hip-hop beats, razor-sharp lyricism, the allure of gaming, and the profound longing to fulfill one's aspirations. The album boasts features from Mega Ran as well as SkyBlew, and is a perfect blend of nostalgia for hip hop fans, gamers and lovers of retro JRPGs alike.

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'Wings of Time' propels us into a world where we possess our own time-traveling airship. It explores the boundless excitement of exploration and the yearning to venture into unexplored realms. The infectious Daft Punk-inspired hook beckons us to embrace the treasures awaiting us on this extraordinary journey.

Watch the music video here:

*Also includes a printable 'Wings of Time' paper airship template (along with instruction guide) which contains a secret link to an exclusive bonus remix.


released November 21, 2023

Written & Performed by Amerigo Gazaway
Produced by DJ DN³
Remix Produced by Amerigo Gazaway

RandomBeats Music
Retrograde Arcade

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Retrograde Arcade Nashville, Tennessee

Retrograde Arcade is a boutique video game label imprint created by DJ & composer Amerigo Gazaway, with a focus on retro-inspired game soundtracks and tastefully executed remixes of our favorite classic game scores.

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